New games
Mushroom heroes game download for mobile phone
Add date: 26.06.2017
Resolution: 600x1024
Description of Mushroom heroes:
Three brave characters running across twisted levels. Help mushroom heroes defeat numerous enemies and overcome obstacles on the way to the aim. The heroes of this Android game must fulfil the order of a mushroom king and rescue the mushroom kingdom from powers of evil. A poisonous mushroom which is also a dark sorcerer wants to destroy the whole kingdom with the help of poison. One of the heroes can jump high and fly in the air, the other is a good archer and the third one uses a shield. Switch between the characters, apply their abilities, deactivate traps, destroy enemies.
Shadow fight 2 v1.9.26 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 01.06.2017
Resolution: 320x480
Description of Shadow fight 2 v1.9.26:
A continuation of a well-known game with fascinating subject line where you should battle to faceless enemies.
Uncountable number of weapon, a rare set of armor, tens various receptions of hand-to-hand fight - all this you will be able to test on your character.
Only the bravest and the most dexterous fighters will be able to reach the aim - to close the gate of shadows.
Assassins Creed 3 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 12.12.2016
Description of Assassins Creed 3:
After years of endless quarrels and conflicts, the 13 American colonies, finally, are United in the aspiration for independence. In this era of a hero, and his path starts on the ashes that remained of the native population. Connor, a native of Mohawk tribe, who is fighting for freedom and justice! At his disposal a large Arsenal, which includes the Tomahawk and the famous assassin's blade. Ahead of exciting adventures, journey to the ancient Boston and new York, as well as large-scale naval battles.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 12.12.2016
Description of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3:
Легендарная игра-файтинг Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3переходит на мобильные телефоны прямо с притавки девяностых SEGA! В игре вы бьетесь за разных героев,применяете много разных приемов, включая фаталити, бабалити и другие виды эффектного финиша боя.
Динамичная и жестокая игры, но добро должно победить, тем более что здесь оно с кулаками.
Fruit Ninja 3 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 11.12.2016
Description of Fruit Ninja 3:
The most advanced version of active fun arcade games in Java.
Cut fruits and sword approaching, avoid bombs. You have only three chances to make mistakes.
This option differs from similar games like bright stylish graphics, excellent voice acting blows of the sword and two versions of the game - arcade and on time.
Check out his reaction. Very exciting game!
Gravity defied: Megapack game download for mobile phone
Add date: 09.12.2016
Resolution: 240x320, 240x400
Description of Gravity defied: Megapack:
The most popular game for mobile phones. Excellent physics engine, support for most mobile phones and dynamic gameplay. Goal of the game - driving a motorcycle to get to the finish line in the shortest time.
Wheres My Water? v1.14.1 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 28.11.2016
Producer:Disney Mobile
Description of Wheres My Water? v1.14.1:
Very cute and funny crocodile Swamp loves purity and loves to bathe. But the rest of the alligators do not like it, and they always break water. So your job is to help the water get to the bathroom of our crocodile. At each level will have to solve certain problems, which are necessary for passage to the next, more complex uroven.Vam need to constantly monitor the level of purity of water used, avoiding the probability of contamination by various microbes or bacteria. Throughout gameplay, avoid all sorts of traps and try to find the safest way for the free passage of water. The game includes 140 exciting levels in Russian, detailed high-quality visual effects and realistic physics of motion. You can also collect various bonuses in the form of special items. Once he is able to bring together all known parts of the game will be a few extra steps.
The Avengers game download for mobile phone
Add date: 25.11.2016
Description of The Avengers:
With the help of alien invaders Loki tries to conquer Earth. Who can stop him? Of course - the Avengers!
Play as characters such as Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. Join the battle with Loki and his army, to prevent the capture of the planet Earth.
Exciting gameplay over 8 levels and the exact same location as in the movie.
Subway Surfers v1.63.1 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 18.11.2016
Description of Subway Surfers v1.63.1:
The game Subway Surfers you need to help Jake and his friends to escape from the pursuer-inspector who caught them for prettification train. Run as fast as possible, avoiding obstacles and dodging oncoming trains.
Juicy jelly barrel blast game download for mobile phone
Add date: 17.11.2016
Resolution: 600x1024
Description of Juicy jelly barrel blast:
You will be a fun adventure in the world of juicy jelly sweets. Shoot a gun marmalade bubble and collect a variety of sweets on his fly, beware of obstacles and all kinds of dangers lying in wait for you on the way.