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Cat-Mouse 2 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 18.09.2016
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Cat-Mouse 2:
Little mouse in search of tasty cheese ...
New locations, new bonuses and antibonusy. But all the same cat interfere little mouse enjoy a treat. Run quickly, picking up power-ups, but beware of the ottoman, because here can return the cat!
Support for all sensory (Touch Screen / Stylus) and keyboard phones.
Dots game download for mobile phone
Add date: 16.09.2016
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Dots:
Very simple and addictive game "points" will help you not only to recall the favorite game of all students, but also with interest to pass the time.
Connect the same color following tasks. Get the Stars, unlock new levels. Mines and bombs complicate passage seemingly easy game.
Support for all sensory (Touch Screen / Stylus) and keyboard phones.
Zuma-X game download for mobile phone
Add date: 02.05.2014
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Zuma-X:
We represent one of the best arcade games in the new version!
The action takes place in a fairy garden.
Your task is to explode all the balls rolling on screen along the paved path before they reach the final of the funnel.
Fire colored balls emitted from the Ladybird, prevented the achievement of the funnel.
Contact three or more monochrome balls leads to their exposure, which can lead to other bursts, i.e. the chain reaction.
We begin ...?
Let's go!
Daughters 2 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 23.03.2014
Description of Daughters 2:
Restless representative of the family Vasnetsov with you again! Together with all their worries gay, funny incidents and the troubles they left the television screens, in order to move into your mobile phone. The game itself belongs to the genre of "hidden object", it is both simple and extremely addictive. The gameplay, which will please both children and their parents, a pleasant variety of several mini-games. The whole story is divided into chapters, each of which the heroine is one of the daughters. Helping them cope with things, you spend a fun time is guaranteed by having a lot of fun. As you have already traversed the head, you can return several times in order to earn prize points to win a teddy bear, or simply to meet again with the charming characters in the film. "Daddy's Daughter 2" - watch your favorite show, enjoy your favorite game!
Musaic Box game download for mobile phone
Add date: 23.03.2014
Description of Musaic Box:
Musaic Box is an unusual combination of musical puzzle and a detective quest. Its scenario offers you a riddle: to find the old organ master who has vanished. Solving various quests and gathering the clues just like in other classic hidden object games you'll find outlines of musical scores for your music box and reveal exclusive puzzles where you have to recreate masterpieces of classical and modern music out of smaller pieces. Unlike other puzzles, Musaic requires not just logic but a sense of musicality. Correctly composed melodies will lead you to the mystery's revelation and unlock new game mode.
Musaic box – now anyone can be a composer!
Zombie Chase 2 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 12.03.2014
Description of Zombie Chase 2:
Zombies are invading the wild west! Grab your guns and protect innocent people from those pesky lifeless folk. Help them and they will help you back! You have to master and upgrade your guns to survive. You can hire companions and escorts, equip yourself with medikits, ammunition and adrenaline.
Many types of zombies are attacking! How long will you survive?
Jewel Lines game download for mobile phone
Add date: 03.02.2014
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Jewel Lines:
Great and simple logic game while giving pleasure to your intellect! The goal is to build a line of five or more gemstones removing them from the board. In the game you will meet "super shape", Double, Combo, gradually increasing interest in the game.
Jewel Lines - will be one of your favorite puzzle games!
Support for all sensory (Touch Screen / Stylus) and keyboard phones.
R.U.S.H. Road Ultimate Speed Hunt game download for mobile phone
Add date: 20.01.2014
Description of R.U.S.H. Road Ultimate Speed Hunt:
Speed is a drug. It is addictive, causes hand shiver and if you really experienced it once you'll want to try again. To feel once again how gas pedal is obeyingly pressed down to its limit, how drone of the superpower engine grows to roaring, and the lights of other cars dart past and leave far behind.
Speed is always not enough. No matter how fast road signs pass by outside the window, how fast the road flies they do it too slow, and you want to accelerate their motion - down to the endurance limit of the metal, carbon and human consciousness.
Speed is pleasure verging on self-destruction, it is balancing on the narrow border between checked maneuver and turning into vortex of splinters, between temporary victory and absolute failure that is unbearable.
Speed is a drug. And as any drug, too high dose of it can become fatal.
Cat-Mouse game download for mobile phone
Add date: 21.12.2013
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Cat-Mouse:
This naughty little mouse ... And this cat ... She sleeps cute, pomurkivaya on his soft ottoman. Mouse wants to eat all the cheese making supplies for the winter in his burrow. And on the classics - the cat will not interfere with the mouse to make it! Oh no, not a cat! And many, many cats! You can only run ... But not so bad as it seems! We have a surprise cat;) We start ...? Let's go!
Liquidator game download for mobile phone
Add date: 01.12.2013
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Liquidator:
It took more than a year after the Chernobyl Zone stripping anomalies . To check the " Dead reactor " has been sent detachment of special purpose . During the next session , suddenly there was machine gun fire and the chilling cry of " Die bitch ! Oh God ! They are everywhere ! ... It started again " . Followed by harrowing screams, then silence . Relationship ended ... Because the messages are no longer reported in the exclusion zone - was sent to a special liquidator , carrying out a similar mission earlier . Objective: to save the survivors and eliminate the threat of anomalies.

Features Liquidator (Liquidator):
• 8 levels of the exclusion zone ;
• 2 types of locations ( approach to the Chernobyl station basements );
• The sinister atmosphere and consequences of the explosion of NPP;
• Beautiful animation ;
• Unthinkable kolichestvovo animations and special effects ;
• Music and sound for each action;
• Ability to record ;
• Fully in Russian .
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