Touch screen games
Cat-Mouse 2 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 18.09.2016
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Cat-Mouse 2:
Little mouse in search of tasty cheese ...
New locations, new bonuses and antibonusy. But all the same cat interfere little mouse enjoy a treat. Run quickly, picking up power-ups, but beware of the ottoman, because here can return the cat!
Support for all sensory (Touch Screen / Stylus) and keyboard phones.
Dots game download for mobile phone
Add date: 16.09.2016
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Dots:
Very simple and addictive game "points" will help you not only to recall the favorite game of all students, but also with interest to pass the time.
Connect the same color following tasks. Get the Stars, unlock new levels. Mines and bombs complicate passage seemingly easy game.
Support for all sensory (Touch Screen / Stylus) and keyboard phones.
Find Candy game download for mobile phone
Add date: 07.09.2016
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Find Candy:
Help each character to find his mate in a fantasy world of sweets. Connected to the same sweetness paths to each other. Earn stars and unlock new locations. Support for all sensory (Touch Screen / Stylus) and keyboard phones.
3D Rollercoaster Rush Underground game download for mobile phone
Add date: 29.07.2016
Description of 3D Rollercoaster Rush Underground:
Take riders on a gut-wrenching underground coaster ride in 3D, with the camera angles shifting as you go! Negotiate colossal jumps, dizzy loops, impulsive danger and more! Race for the best time without flying off the tracks! Speed increases your excitement meter but even small jolts are enough to send carts hurtling into underground chasms!
Titans of the Track game download for mobile phone
Add date: 10.09.2014
Description of Titans of the Track:
Titans of the Track - Rising from the ashes of the scandal hit Cycling World, 'Titans of the Track' is the new tournament that will resurrect this much loved and highly competitive sport. Take part in a grueling race that will have your fingers pounding and your heart thumping, a race where illegal drugs have no effect and its just your power and will that will endure.
Aqua Jewel game download for mobile phone
Add date: 27.08.2014
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Aqua Jewel:
Gather in a row of 3 or more identical gems horizontally or vertically.
To do this, you need to swap adjacent gems on the game board. The more identical stones collected in a row - the more bonus points you get. At each level there is a restriction on the task and its performance either by time or by number of strokes.
Ben 10: Omniverse game download for mobile phone
Add date: 13.08.2014
Description of Ben 10: Omniverse:
Stop Psyphon from destroying Undertown! The evil Psyphon has planted explosive devices throughout the city and is threatening to detonate them. Ben’s mission is to find and deactivate all of the devices as quickly as possible. Rook, Ben’s new partner, will be joining him on this new adventure. Help Ben defeat Psyphon and his mercenaries and save Undertown!
2048 game download for mobile phone
Add date: 12.08.2014
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of 2048:
Very simple, but incredibly addictive puzzle game in which to be a little loaf. Be extremely careful, watch out for the figures that with every move will appear on the screen, plan your moves in advance! We have a square board of size 4x4. The goal - to reach the numbers 2048 on one of the squares. On this you can not stop and continue the game as much as possible. Games will be played with the arrow to the right, left, up and down. With every movement on the field there are numbers 2 or 4 with each turn a player can throw all the squares in one of the sides. If there are two squares with the same numbers-they form one number equal to their sum. At each connection figure increased by 2 times. The game continues as long as the field is empty cells for emerging figures.
Lamp Jump game download for mobile phone
Add date: 11.08.2014
Producer:NET Lizard
Description of Lamp Jump:
How high can you jump? Rise above all, constantly jumping from one platform to another, along the way picking up stars, avoiding the lightning.
3D Mini Golf World Tour game download for mobile phone
Add date: 22.07.2014
Description of 3D Mini Golf World Tour:
Fore! Get ready to test your mini golf skills around the world to see just how many hole-in-ones, pars, or birdies you can get. Play the best casual sports game now with amazing 3D graphics. Test yourself in 5 courses and 45 interesting tracks with amazing replay value. Mini golf has gone where no one has gone before with amazing terrains like City, Beach, Forest, Desert and Iceland.